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Drawing on our Nordic heritage and expertise, our portfolio of brands offers quality warmth and comfort, along with low lifecycle impact. We share this expertise with partners and consumers

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Jøtul's origin dates back to Kvaerner Brug which was founded in 1853 outside of Christiania (now capitol Oslo).

If you visit our Facebook pages you can see a timeline with photos of our 160 year long history.

Jøtul Group is a world leading Norwegian manufacturer of fireplaces and wood stoves. We have subsidiaries in Denmark, USA, France, Spain, Italy, the UK and Poland and we market our products in 43 countries on six continents under the brands Jøtul, Scan, Atra, Ild and Warm.

Production in Norway takes place in Fredrikstad and Halden, while foreign production plants are located in Vissenbjerg in Denmark, Portland in the USA, Motz one Chautagne in France and Gdansk in Poland.

Jøtul Group has an annual turnover of about EUR 90 million and employs about 700 people internationally.

Jøtul can look back on a more than 160-year-long history. It all began in 1853 when the merchant and farmer's son Oluf Onsum founded Kværner Jernstøberi at Loelva east of Norway's capital, which was called Kristiania at the time. Kværner started as a manufacturer of cast-iron goods, where cast-iron stoves were one of the most important products.

In the years leading up to 1900, the company established one of the largest stove foundries in Norway and sold its products throughout the country. In 1916 the stove production was sectioned out from Kværner Brug and sold to Herman Anker. Anker continued to build the company until it was sold again to Johannes Gahr in 1927. Gahr led Jøtul into a period of strong growth and in 1935 the company received its present name, Jøtul.

Through the years Jøtul demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt to changing market conditions and when the company was sold to Norcem in 1977, a new era with international focus started. In the middle of the 1980s, additional steps were taken to expand globally through a number of acquisitions of foundries and import companies in the US and Europe. For a while Jøtul was listed on the Norwegian stock exchange, until it was purchased by private equity in the early 2000’s. Today Jøtul has the world’s largest distribution network for stoves and fireplaces and is one of the highest sought after brands in the stove and fireplace industry.

The parent company in the Jøtul Group, Jøtul AS, is a Norwegian company. It has strategic and governing responsibilities as regards the subsidiaries and maintains group functions for all subsidiaries and brands. The headquarter is located in Fredrikstad, Norway.

The majority owner of the Jøtul Group is the Swedish private equity conglomerate AB Ratos. The Jøtul Group management holds a minority post. Ratos shares are listed on on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, Large Cap.

Ratos’s business concept is to generate, over time, the highest possible return through the professional, active and responsible exercise of its ownership role in a number of selected companies.

Jøtul Group Management Team

Nils Agnar Brunborg, (1960) CEO

Rene Christensen (1965, BA Econ.), Sr. Vice President Sales

Øyvind Sandnes (1978, MSc Econ.), CFO

The Jøtul Group has been making stoves and fireplaces for more than 160 years. As the focus on sustainability and responsibility issues has increased in business environment, we have also increased the demands and systems in our CR work. For us this is both a business opportunity and a way to limit risks. It is our view that professional, active and responsible business includes compliance not only with local laws and regulations, but also compliance with well-established and widespread human rights conventions, agreements and ethical standards.

In the Jøtul Group we pursue ambitious business goals, with a broad social perspective. Our core values are; responsive, service-minded, educational and transparent. Our values are results-oriented, yet balanced by a social perspective. We are genuinely open-minded, transparent and dedicated to sharing our knowledge with others. They are a reflection of our product qualities across all parts of the organization and value chain.

Our goal is to firmly establish these values in our corporate culture. Our Ethical Guidelines is a common platform for our way of doing business throughout the world. In our view, high ethical standard is one of the pillars for the trust and credibility that we have accumulated during our long history.

Eskil Zapffe, CEO

Code of Conduct

Our brands



Timeless Norwegian Craft

Jøtul stoves and fireplaces can be counted on to deliver a lifetime of comfort and warmth. Our timeless products integrate with the architectural qualities of living spaces. They feature Norwegian cast iron craftsmanship and functional design that customers come to value over time. Well-informed customers buy Jøtul because they know that nothing is left to chance.

Pure heat from Norway

Norway is known around the world for their attitude towards sustainability and the environment and we have the strictest demands regarding emissions in the world. This is the reason why Jøtul perfects fuel utilization and optimizes the heating effect from their products at all times. This is good news for your wallet and the environment.

Jøtul stoves are timeless and have their natural place in modern residential architecture

Jøtul F 373

A modern classic



Danish heating ideas

Scan designs finely engineered heating furniture. In addition to always leading with cutting edge features and tailored options, Scan products are also immediately recognizable for their iconic expression of contemporary Danish design

Iconic interior design

Living in the moment, Scan's creativity, open-mindedness and search for fresh inspiration helps pull the industry forward. Its products always explore new ideas and concepts that extend the boundaries of what is possible in a fireplace. Scan creates tremendous possibilities for personal expression. Distinctive, fresh ideas are valued - and quickly brought to life.

Harrit - SørensenHarrit & Sørensen

By making the stove design simple, each user can shape the expression individually with the details.

Scan 85

A heating furniture


Witness the flame

Atra is a French brand, which offers a wide range of large and powerful fireplaces and inserts. A philosophy of offering an uncompromised view to the fire gives the feeling of an open fire, whilst maintaining the high quality of combustion that one can expect from a modern fireplace.

Discrete designs

The range of inserts gives countless possibilities for architects and designers when they are tailor making a fireplace for individual’s personal taste or style. It is possible to combine different materials to get the right expression.

The Atra customer is in search of an exlusive, custom-made product to suit their individual taste and lifestyle.

Atra 750 3V

Countless possibilities


Pure value

Ild is an entry price brand, built on existing and proven technologies available within the Jøtul Group. To the price conscious customer it offers excellent value for money, with good functionality and ease of use. The design language is modern and mainstream.

Ild is available through a range of specialized and selected dealers only.

Ild is a brand which is accessible at any stage in life.

Ild 3

Down-to-earth in its simplicity

Global distribution


Join our sales force

Join our massive sales force

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Thoughts on Energy


Miljøvennlig og økonomisk!

Tenn på toppen

Det riktige er å fyre veden fra toppen.

Den nye fyringsmetoden baserer seg på å dekke bunnen av ovnen med en vedstabel og tenne på fra toppen. Da vil man halvere partikkelutslippet fra skorsteinen, samtidig som veden blir utnyttet langt mer effektivt. Når veden i bunnen av ovnen varmes opp, vil den avgi gasser som utgjør halvparten av energien i veden. Disse gassene vil antennes når de kommer i kontakt med flammene i det øvre laget. Tenner man på i bunnen vil gassene fortsette ufortrødent oppover i pipeløpet og ut i atmosfæren. Det er veldig mye å spare på å tenne fra toppen, både for miljøet og for lommeboken. Når veden avgir blå flammer, er det et tegn på optimal forbrenning. Gule flammer inneholder mer sot og partikler.

Se animasjonfilmen fra Norsk Varme hvordan du sparer både miljø og penger på riktig opptenning.

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News & Media

Ratos AB: Nils Agnar Brunborg new acting CEO of Jøtul

January 11 2017

Nils Agnar Brunborg has been appointed as new acting CEO of Jøtul, a global supplier of stoves and fireplaces with its main production facilities in Norway and Denmark. Eskil Zapffe is leaving after three years as CEO of the company.

Nils Agnar has extensive experience in the CEO role of international companies, most recently as CEO for the global brand O Mustad & Søn. His previous positions include that of CEO of Isola Holding and CEO of the listed company BioMar Group. Nils Agnar will assume the position of acting CEO in January.

"Under Eskil's leadership, Jøtul has worked to strengthen its competitiveness and profitability through efficiency improvements, a greater focus on sales, changes in the production structure and improvement in the product development process. We can see that the company is moving in a positive direction and that Eskil leaves a company in a natural phase where Nils Agnar's extensive experience of driving change initiatives can accelerate the change process further," says Johan Rydmark, Senior Investment Manager Ratos.

Jøtul is a global supplier of cast-iron stoves and fireplaces with market-leading positions. Annual sales amounted to NOK 892m and adjusted EBITA to NOK 14m based on the most recent rolling 12 months as per September 2016.

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Senior Investment Manager, Ratos /

Johan Rydmark

T +46 8 700 17 00

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Images Jøtul

Jøtul F 305 BPJøtul F 373 WHEJøtul F 481Jøtul FS 173Jøtul FS 74

Images Scan

Scan 66-4 PlinthScan 83-1 GLRScan 83-2Scan 85 White


Nils Agnar Brunborg, CEORené Christensen, Senior Vice President SalesØyvind Sandnes, CFO

Other key personnel

Merethe Slensvik Halvorsrød, Sales Director Nordic, Salgsdirektør Norden


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