This is Jøtul Group

Jøtul Group

The Jøtul Group (representing Jøtul AS together with its subsidiaries) is one of the three largest suppliers of fireplaces in Europe and a significant player in North America. The company, with a history dating back to 1853 through its legacy as one of Norway’s oldest companies, distributes stand-alone stoves, inserts, frames and accessories for fireplaces. The Group’s main brands are Jøtul, Scan and Ravelli.

Our products are sold through one of the most wide-reaching global networks in the industry, consisting of own sales companies and distributors. The products reach the end consumers through specialty shops, and in Norway also through building materials retail chains.


Climate impact and sustainability are core values which are deeply entrenched in our philosophy and set the agenda for the way in which we are managing Jøtul Group today and for the future.

Our brands

We proudly sell to 43 countries around the world, with a brand portfolio featuring prominent brands such as Jøtul, Scan, Ild, Ravelli, Atra, Warm, Ildstedet, Jøtul Studio, Jøtul Accessories and Jøtul Chimney.

Sales offices around the world